Embrace the radiant beauty of the real you!

Our 10 modules will walk you through every aspect of learning to live with authenticity, vibrance, freedom, & self-compassion!



What is this whole loving yourself thing? Loving yourself is not just an experience of enjoying who you are. It’s a deep compassion, respect, and care for your own spirit and heart—an acceptance of your real self and willingness to let that flow out and be seen in the world with natural ease.

As a psychologist working with hundreds of women over the past fifteen years, I have found this relationship with ourselves fundamental in creating a relaxed and joyful life, as well as fulfilling relationships with others. This vital factor affects every nuance of how we experience the world. It’s inescapable! We live with ourselves moment to moment and have a relationship with ourselves whether we want to or not! This single factor sets the tone for our lives and is the lens through which we see the world. Hence, loving yourself is an incredibly efficient place to focus life-improvement time and energy because of its sweeping effect on everything else!

We can’t afford not to love ourselves!



As women, we carry so much! Without a good relationship with ourselves, we can end up with depression, panic attacks, chronic anxiety or fatigue, physical tension, lack of felt meaning in life, stressed relationships—it costs us too much! If you are like most women, you hold a lot and don’t give yourself the care you need. You give tirelessly to everyone else but are so hard on yourself! It almost doesn’t matter whether you are succeeding at work, bending over backward to hold together a happy family, and looking beautiful doing it, because no matter how amazing you are, you can still feel not good enough. You may even wonder deep down if you are worthy of love. It’s deeply painful to squash your real self and fit her into the box that you think others would like her to be. There’s no winning at that game—you can never distort your true self enough to please everyone.

Ultimately, it’s easy to doubt yourself as a woman. You’re distracted from living life fully because you’re obsessing about not having said the right thing to someone earlier, or because you’re berating yourself for not being or looking perfect. It’s overwhelming! And exhausting! And…….doesn’t have to be that way! Enough is enough. It’s not our fault. From not receiving the needed security and love growing up, to the enormous demands of being a modern-day woman, to the toxic societal expectations and pressures placed on us every day, our natural essence and full vibrant selves can get lost. Enjoying this precious life in a relaxed, meaningful way can become clouded with fear and false self.

It’s Time for a Change!!

Thankfully, this does not have to be your story. I’ve worked with enough women to know that uncovering who you really are and having a deeply rich, fulfilling relationship with yourself is absolutely within reach. We actually already have everything we need to get there and our bodies naturally want to return to authenticity and love as soon as we provide permission and safety. And, what makes this journey even easier, is that we are each exquisitely beautiful whether we know it or not! The process of learning to love yourself is a process of uncovering what is already true. In fact, the further you get into the program, you might even discover that you ARE love. But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. First, you have to choose to make the journey.


The effects of how we relate to ourselves have been heavily researched through many lenses—self-compassion, self-esteem, self-talk, self-confidence, etc. Studies show that the profound transformative impact of loving yourself undeniably reaches almost every aspect of life.

Loving Yourself Leads To:

  • Greater ease & freedom (less “shoulds” and constrictive rule books)
  • Healthier relationships and increased relationship satisfaction (closer, more stable, and more reciprocal love relationships, as well as increased attractiveness)
  • Increased physical energy
  • Relaxation & authenticity
  • More happiness & fulfillment
  • Increased physical health (research shows we make better choices related to health—such as working out more and eating better)
  • Greater resilience
  • More motivation & problem-solving skills (less procrastination)
  • Increased optimism & life satisfaction
  • And, of course, much more!

    An empirical outcome study on the effects of Yourself Truly conducted through the University of Texas Counseling Psychology program showed Yourself Truly significantly decreased women’s levels of self-judgment, shame, and perfectionism and increased their self-compassion compared to the waitlist study participants. These results were maintained at the 3 week follow up.

Ultimately, the immense freedom in being able to embrace and live your full authentic self is life changing. Feeling safe and relaxed in the world, expressive and vibrant, brings back the passion and joy that life is all about. Loving your true self, you shine. The great burden of being perfect for everyone else, feeling not good enough, and needing approval is finally replaced by deep respect for ourselves and others.

This is where I want to help…

I know the sadness of hiding my full self and have struggled with my own profound need to be what others want me to be. Even earlier today an acquaintance criticized me and even though he immediately said he was joking, I felt the deep pain and sudden shame of recognizing a fault in myself. Thankfully, the feeling did not last long. Through a lifetime of discovery, study, soul-searching, exploration, and intention, I have learned to wrestle free anytime I get caught dampening who I am or afraid to be honest and fully me. Under all the complicated emotions of life, I can say without a doubt that I absolutely love myself, even with all of my many imperfections. It feels like an anchor that creates resilience and allows life to be a fun adventure even when things are messy or not going my way. It makes it easy to love others and feel compassion for their mistakes and shortcomings. With it life make sense. I want this freedom for every woman.

Watching the deep suffering caused by locking ourselves up, shutting down feelings, and trying to please others, has made me passionate abouthelping women own and express their full vibrant selves, rise up in their careers, be fully authentic and present with their kids and partners, and find and appreciate the deep life spark that makes them beautiful and happy.

That’s why I created Yourself Truly to help you with every aspect of that journey. At first helping women shift their relationships with themselves seemed such a long process and took a profoundly deep relationship with each client. Through the years, however, I’ve seen how particular aspects of the work catalyzed growth and was able to distil down the process into a program to walk you through all the important keys efficiently. I realized that love is powerful and limitless. The healing process is not confined to a therapy office, but accessible to everyone. As I recorded Yourself Truly, I felt a relationship between us forming and a genuine care for you that I hope is transmitted throughout the program. Now I’m so excited to share this journey with you!

Our time together in Yourself Truly consists of 10 modules covering each key aspect of loving yourself. Each module will include:

  • a video presentation on the focus of that module,
  • interviews with other top experts,
  • guided experiential practice to support your mastery and integration—changing you from the inside out,
  • interviews with inspirational women who will share their journeys to self-love

It’s engaging and involved in a way that makes you feel held throughout and connected to a powerful community of women who are also ready to reclaim their lives with true love and care for themselves.

Words from YT Women:

“Your first lecture is already completely changing the way I’m approaching myself and actually was perfectly timed. My daughter needed to release a ton of feelings today and I was able to notice my critical voice towards myself  (blaming myself for not being a perfect parent) and instantly noticed and used my loving voice to tell myself how sincere and wonderful a person I am. Totally helped and I was so present and loving with her!! You are great at interviewing too. Just such a sweet back and forth. This is really great stuff. Seriously. I was tearing up almost the entire time.” — A Mother of 2 from Austin, Tx

No Reason Not to Jump In!!

Money? YT is $297 for the whole 10-week program. One motivation in creating the program was to be able to make the process of developing a healthy relationship with yourself and others more affordable. I know not everyone can pay what my therapy clients pay ($165 for 45-minute sessions) and I’m thrilled to bring you the entire 10 weeks of time together for less than the cost of two therapy sessions! What’s more, we’d be glad to do whatever payment plan works in your monthly budget and we’ll make sure the program is financially doable for you no matter who you are—reach out if you want to discuss. We offer a full money back guarantee at any point if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the program—no questions asked!!

Time? I know you are busy. I’ve made the program as efficient as possible while still allowing you to really be immersed in the material. It really only takes a few hours total a week but is spread out in a way that you can be processing and integrating what you are learning throughout the week without a large time expense. If you need more than 10 weeks you can have on-going access. If you’d like to do it all in one weekend, go for it! Just let us know and we can set your access to be able to see all the modules at once so you can enjoy it at your own pace if you prefer. Articles on each video presentation topic, downloadable audio, and transcriptions of interviews make it easy to take in however is most convenient for you! You’ll have instant access, simple login, the ability to take your training anywhere—stream on all mobile devices and download audio for all videos so you can listen on the go!



The World Needs Us!

I really believe the world needs us women right now to show up with our full hearts and voices. Insecurity leads to losing energy that we can’t afford to waste–jealousy, competition, judgment of others, keeping silent or going along with what isn’t right, trying to please others instead of bringing your real gifts and light to the world, passing subtle messages to our children that they aren’t good enough or should sacrifice themselves to fit in, superficial conversations when there are important things to talk about, self-consciousness that covers over the beauty in our hearts that the world needs, fear of vulnerability that limits deep connection with others, and the list could go on!

Imagine if you could show up for life in your full radiance and joy—accepting yourself on all levels, which inspires others to relax and be their real selves too. It would not only make you happy but make a great positive impact on the world. We can change how it feels to be alive for ourselves and our children! Without all that meaningless waste of energy of insecurity we can actually be authentic and fully present—able to experience and savor the exquisite miracle of each moment. Whether through Yourself Truly or some other way, I feel it’s imperative that we solve the huge crisis in being that faces women and steals our focus and freedom. We are so powerful and beautiful—it’s time to own it and let that love heal ourselves and others.

Yourself Truly will walk you through the journey to love yourself through:

  • 10 video presentations covering every aspect of self-love
  • 10 interviews with top experts in the field
  • 10 guided experiential processes to change you from the inside out
  • 10 interviews with inspirational women who share their wisdom & journey
  • Written exercises & reflections to integrate the changes and apply them to your life
  • Outlines & summaries to help you remember & review material

You can rest in your own beautiful heart and in it create a secure, loving, rejuvenating home from which your passions and vibrance can radiate. I can’t wait to share this journey with you!



Yourself Truly will walk you through the journey of learning to love yourself. Building a relationship with yourself takes time and care, and we will hold you through the whole process. Each week has a different topic to walk you toward self-love, from self-knowledge and self-nurturance to caring what other’s think and learning to receive.





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