10-Week Course
Yourself Truly will walk you through the journey of learning to love yourself. Building a relationship with yourself takes time and care, and we will hold you through the whole process. Each week has a different topic to walk you toward self-love, from self-knowledge and self-nurturance, to caring what other’s think and learning to receive.

Each of the ten weeks includes:

In-depth Video Lecture and Article on the Week’s Material

Guided Experiential Exercise to Catalyze Integration and Change

Interview with Another Expert on that Week’s Topic


What I’ve found through my work with hundreds of clients individually and in groups is that happiness is all about relationships. And the most important of those relationships is the one with yourself! This vital factor that affects every nuance of how we experience the world, has come to be the focus of my life’s work. I am deeply inspired to help you learn to fully love yourself and be your authentic self in the world. We live with ourselves moment to moment so our hearts are our true home. Your relationship with yourself provides the foundation for healthy and fulfilling relationships with others, which, in turn, play a huge role in your life satisfaction and happiness.

I already KNOW you are lovable, no matter who you are.   I love myself, even with all of my imperfections, and that makes it easy for me to love you in yours and to open the door for you to do the same. My love for myself and you is regardless of mistakes and not for “reasons” or achievements, but because we are human beings and we are valuable that way. People are doing their best so it’s only our insecurities that make us so critical of ourselves and others. Why do we judge and rank humans, including yourself? Embracing yourself and others is a lot less work and more fun once you get used to it. I know it is a bit threatening and uncomfortable at first, but don’t worry—we’ll move through that to the ease.

With a lot of my clients I feel like we are on a rescue mission for their full, authentic selves, and that is what I’d like to invite you on as well. It is our most beautiful parts that get covered up when it isn’t safe, like treasure in a chest, so if you don’t feel your own beauty it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It needs security and love to open and show itself. All humans are beautiful and worthy of care, so there is no doubt that you are too.

We want you to have the whole enchilada—feelings of love in different forms, such as enjoyment of yourself, mercy for yourself, acceptance of yourself, etc, and to have expressions of that love through treating yourself well. Through self-paced modules we’ll walk together through the process of accessing, becoming, and loving your real self, so that you can LOVE your life and feel relaxed and close to others.

So, I’d like to invite you to Yourself Truly, a 10-module program where you can truly learn to embrace and feel good about the real you. Each module will include a video presentation on that week’s topic, interviews with other experts, guided practice and activities to support your mastery and integration of the topic, and guided experiential process to help you integrate and master that week’s topic.

Yourself Truly is engaging and involved in a way that makes you feel held throughout. I hope it will be energizing and freeing, as you feel yourself lighten through finally giving yourself the Love you have needed. It’s time. Helping people love themselves is my passion and my life’s work, so I’m in it all the way with you! Let’s dedicate ourselves to this process together!

See What Our Students Are Saying

“I have just completed the Yourself Truly course. I have loved every minute of it. It spoke to me. Each week, I felt myself growing in self-compassion and love. I was ready for it. Your expert interviews and inspirational women were fantastic. I could see that you were really pouring your heart out to us and your intent was so pure. Thank you for loving us without knowing us.”

“I appreciate that you did this course and took the time to put it together lovingly. I am going through some difficulties after bariatric surgery and well, this has helped me appreciate the unique individual I am without food as a crutch. I am appreciative of you and all the hard work you put into this course. It’s life-changing.”

“Thank you so very very very much for your absolutely amazing and beautiful self-compassion course. I am getting so much out of it—it feels life-changing to me.  Your transmission is so deep.  I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this, and all that you’ve give me. I have so much love and gratitude for you.”

“I’m coming alive!”

“I always mean to tell you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You changed my life, and have continued to “hold my hand” (in a good way) through my entire adult life. I have no idea where I’d be otherwise. You’re just so very important to me and every moment we have together is a real blessing. So thank you for helping me find my true authentic self and sitting with me and my feelings!”

“Wow, so powerful! Ugh, I’m so done with the imbalance! I deserve MY life force and MY attention!! This module (“Caring What Others Think”) has been so great for my struggles with social anxiety. Such amazing ideas and ways to approach it and to care for myself around it.”

“The module on receiving – I can’t even say enough good things about it! Your lecture and experiential [exercise], oh my gosh…it really is your gift. So many useful things for me to use and apply. So touching and inspiring and spiritually congruent with my heart.”

“I learned things I didn’t even know were learnable. Things I carry with me every day.”

“You are great at interviewing! Just such a sweet back and forth. This is really great stuff. Seriously. I was tearing up almost the entire time.”

“You’re putting all this beautiful amazing caring energy out into the world and the world needs you – that’s why you’re busy!! So grateful you and your family are in the world!”

“Plugging energy leaks…I love that concept!! Your spirit comes through so powerfully when you explain all the ways we waste energy. I can feel you inspiring me and everyone directly. Very powerful. I love how you set boundaries with your audience but from so much love.”

“You are, as I described, one of the most down-to-earth, real, judgment-free, and sensitive souls in the business.”

“I think next you will have to compile “Charlotte” the app so subscribers will have access to all the love and beauty that is you. I probably do not reflect this enough as is central to what we are working on (vulnerability), but I really value you so much. I have a lot of regrets in my life, from which we are working from, but I truly would have known regret had I not met you. Thank you for all you do for me and my family.”

“You have such a gift—the perfect blend of humor, gentleness, directness, compassion… Thank you for the ways in which you’ve guided me to feel more, to express more, to share more, to act more, and to be more courageous. I will always be grateful for your help.”