Anxiety as a Defense

May 29, 2017

Anxiety is usually a defense against other feelings. Explore the nuances of this stressful emotion and why it arises with Dr. Charlotte Howard, creator of A transcript of the video is below as well.

Hi gang! I’ve got to talk about anxiety for a minute, because it is so linked to how we feel about ourselves. Here’s how:

Anxiety is a defense against other feelings. So many times, we don’t value our own feelings enough to let them out, express them to others, or just give them the chance to be felt by us. That leads to anxiety overtime! So does perfectionism, which is another reason that we shut down feelings and become anxious instead. It’s because we have to be perfect, we’re always performing, and there’s no room for feelings!

It’s so vitally important that you let yourself feel your feelings. Anxiety is not any more fun than any of those other feelings, but it’s not productive either – it’s just a defense. Whereas if you feel those other feelings, you’re actually moving through them, healing them, integrating, releasing them, and hopefully caring for yourself in them. That way, you can actually let them go and move on with much more life energy, instead of spending so much of your life energy repressing.

I really encourage you to try and make space to feel – you’ll be amazed what it will do for your anxiety!