Feeling “self-centered”

June 5, 2017

Why does it feel selfish to love myself? Does it mean I’m not attuned to others? Dr. Charlotte Howard, creator of Yourself Truly, explains how it’s not a bad thing to focus on yourself! A transcript of the video is below too, for those of you who prefer to read 🙂

Hi! I was just thinking about how so many of my clients feel like it is self-centered to love themselves. Or they think it means that they are conceited or not focused on other people.

The truth is the opposite! Research shows that actually people become more philanthropic, generous, and focused on others when they actually care about themselves. This makes sense, because we don’t have to waste so much energy on focusing on our insecurities. We don’t feel as jealous and judgmental of other people when we love ourselves. It actually leads to less focus on self and more energy to care about others and more generosity in our view of others.

So, I hope that this is another inspiration to let yourself love yourself!