Three Transformations for a Fulfilling Life (part 2)

If you're just joining us today, this is a continuation of the "Three Transformations for a Fulfilling Life" series that we started this Monday. Check out part 1 over here! Lessons 2: Love thyself! This one is painfully obvious, yet so difficult for most people.  One...

Why are some people perceived as needy?

What does being "needy" entail, and why do others perceive people this way? Here's a video I made to help you understand how to rely deeply on others in a healthy way without being perceived as needy.

Why do we compare ourselves with others?

Hi everyone! I've worked with a lot of clients who struggle with feeling superior or inferior to others (or flip between the two). What I've learned is that this is actually a defense against intimacy and being open with each other! Here's a video I made about the...

Understanding Social Anxiety

Anxiety in various forms is a defense against other - usually uncomfortable - feelings. We jump out of important feelings that need our attention into another experience that is often just as unpleasant. Social anxiety is no different. Feeling, understanding,...

Three Life Keys

Three Life Keys

A friend asked me, based on my experience as a psychologist watching people develop personally and interpersonally, what I think are the three most positively transformative lessons to help people enjoy life. Wow, narrow it to three!